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Alien Complex Hacked

Alien Complex

Date added: 2017-05-05
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About Alien Complex

You will engage in a slashing battle in a game called Alien Complex hacked unblocked! Lots of aliens are trying to attack your planet and kill all humans. Only a hero like you can save the day! You need to use your excellent skills and make sure you have your tactics ready in order to deal with those enemies and kill the all before they ruin the Earth. This is not an easy task at all! And you may find it burdensome a bit! But just try your hardest! Have fun!


Move your hero with keys WASD, shoot at aliens by using the mouse.
Hack info: You can gain more health, ammo, and insta-kill by using keys 1, 2 and 3. Pressing key 4 will upgrade your stats.

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