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Begone Guerra

Begone Guerra

Date added: 2015-08-17
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About Begone Guerra

Let’s explore Begone Guerra game here on and receive much fun! Name your character and choose the server, players, map and so on before starting your journey. Get ready to clear all enemies? Move and search them first. Then, aim and shoot as accurately as you can. Try to assault till they fall. Just play and don’t worry about the ammo. You can constantly reload. There are a lot of weapons in Begone Guerra. Avoid the opponent attack and use smart actions to fight. Have fun!


Use the mouse to shoot, WASD to move, C to crouch, Space to jump. Press 1-4 to change weapons, Left Shift to sprint, Z to use binoculars, R to reload. Use items with E, buy weapons with B, open full screen with F and scoreboard with a tap.

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