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Pumpkin Archer Hacked

Pumpkin Archer

Date added: 2017-04-19
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About Pumpkin Archer

If you think you’re a great archer, then feel free to show your skills in a nice Shooting game called Pumpkin Archer hacked unblocked! In the game, you will have to utilize your archery abilities and other specific skills in order to smash and kill all merciless pumpkins. Try to aim and shoot your arrows, perform your strategies and always get an edge over the enemies, giving you a higher chance to win the battle. Are you ready? Let’s engage in the game now! Good luck!


Aim and shoot at enemies by using the mouse. Press key Z to arrow scatter, use key S for releasing stars
Hack info: Press key 1 for toggling endless scatter shot, key 2 for toggling unlimited Shuriken.

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