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Raze 3 Hacked

Raze 3

Date added: 2016-06-20
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About Raze 3

Explore new mission and challenges in Raze 3 hacked unblocked now! In this game, you must make a good use of your weapons in order to battle against the wicked aliens, robots, zombies and so forth. Take control of your hero carefully and keep him upgraded all the time to boost his strength. Your goal is to rescue the planet! Have fun!


Move with keys WASD
Use the mouse to aim and shoot at enemies
Hack info: key 1 to turn on/off health, key 2 to turn on/off unit health, key 3 to turn on/off ammo, key 4 to turn on/off shield, key 5 to turn on/off energy, key 6 to get more cash and credits, key 7 to open all levels

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