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Turbo Dismounting

Turbo Dismounting

Date added: 2020-10-27
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About Turbo Dismounting

Turbo Dismounting unblocked is a stickman-themed Arcade-style game online released in May 2018 and compatible with the web browser. You can play this cool stickman game on Hacked Unblocked for free to experience great challenges. The game brings great features to you, including different vehicles to ride, from a cart to a bulldozer, stickman pose that can be changed, 20 maps with various objects, and statistics after every scene.

In Turbo Dismounting game online, the stickman is ready for an experiment. You can deal a lot of damage to the stickman. Feel free to perform a lot of skills to do this mission! You can take a leap over him, or make use of different vehicles in every scene. For every time you deal damage, you will get money based on the amount of damage you dished out. With the money, you can use it to unlock new maps and vehicles. Turbo Dismounting online is similar to Mutilate a Doll 2 and Happy Room. Play those games if you want to have great experiences! Hope you have fun with it!


Interact with the stickman in the game using the left mouse button.

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