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Warmerise Lite Version

Warmerise Lite Version

Date added: 2015-07-08
plays 2.846
80 8.0 / 10 80
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About Warmerise Lite Version

Be ready for another excellent shooting game at! Let the Wamerise Lite Version unblocked take you to the perilous but exciting battles and give you tough challenges! Select the server and favorite team you want to fight for, and then head out the battle. The game goal is to wipe out all the armed rivals for your survive and earn more cash to purchase awesome stuff or new enhancements. Come and take part in the game to feel the real fantasy shooting performances! Check out more Action games as well!


Use the keys WASD for the movement, key X to crouch, keys Shift-left to sprint and jump with spacebar
Press key P to open full screen, key R for reloading, key F for picking, key V to release grenade
Tap key G for spawn menu, key Y to enhance the menu, key T for team chat, key J for chatting.

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