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Electricman 2 HS Hacked

Electricman 2 HS

Date added: 2015-09-18
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About Electricman 2 HS

Welcome to the Tournament of Voltagen in Beat em up game Electricman 2 HS Hacked. Once entering this game, you will be a team of fighters into the Tournament of Voltagen where you can use any fighting style you like and where the winner is the only surviving team. Take on various teams with any combination material arts, street fighting and superhuman can help to wipe out your opponents. If you have the skills to become the 1st team, you have a chance to defeat the undefeated champions.

Play Electricman 2 HS hacked unblocked at Have fun!


Use the mouse to play.
We've hacked the game with 3x life, unlimited power and a 3x damage so that it's still interesting while easy to play.

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