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Plazma Burst Forward To The Past Hacked

Plazma Burst Forward To The Past

Date added: 2016-06-11
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About Plazma Burst Forward To The Past

Being a mighty volunteer in Plazma Burst Forward to the past hacked unblocked, you must perform your excellent skills to defeat all challenge in this game. You were traveling back in time so that you can switch the past to rescue the future. But you got lost, and now you have to make your way through all dangers to find a way to return. Kill all enemies standing in your way and defend yourself! Good luck!


Move with keys WASD or arrow keys
Use the mouse to aim and shoot, tap key E to use the items, jump with spacebar
Press number keys to change the weapons and key P to pause the game
Tap key Enter, G or key 0 to utilize grenades
Hack info: launch grenades will add more grenades, a bunch of health and cash. All levels are unlocked if you click clear progress.

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