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Space Haste Hunter 2 Hacked

Space Haste Hunter 2

Date added: 2017-04-14
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About Space Haste Hunter 2

Space Haste Hunter 2 hacked unblocked is an amazing Shooting game online that sets in 2D space filled with alien ships. You will take control of your own spaceship and move it around to aim and shoot down all wicked enemies before they kill you. Try to rotate your ship carefully, perform your excellent shooting skills and attempt to survive longer in this slashing battle. The game surely keeps you hooked for a while! Let’s give it a try now and see how long you can last. Good luck!


Use left/right arrow keys to rotate your ship, press up arrow key to fire and thrust.
Hack info: Press key 1 for toggling more health, key 2 for XP.

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