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Agario Game

Agario Game

Date added: 2015-08-01
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About Agario Game

Do you want to become the most powerful blob dominating the game world filled with various players? Come to Agario unblocked which is a funny Strategy game to satisfy your wish now! Play Agario game at instantly! Once stepping into the game, please bear in mind three simple rules: eat, evolve and survive! Your objective is to hunt for the target blobs that are smaller than you, find the matching colors, get an evolution then try to stay alive no matter what it takes! Sounds simple but not easy to fulfill! If you don’t be careful while hunting, you will get eaten by giant blobs for sure! Anyway, let’s give it a try and see how long you can survive! Good luck!


Use the mouse to control the blob in the Agario game
Press spacebar to split
Tap key W to eject the mass

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