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Epic War 2 Hacked

Epic War 2

Date added: 2015-09-28
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About Epic War 2

Epic War 2 Hacked is a defensive game where you can live in fierce game. The world has been divided into 3 powers including the Humans, Orcs and the Elves and they are focusing on battles but they haven't notice the immense evil creeping towards them from the depths of the middle earth. This evil controlled members from each army, then training them to fight and wipe out all creation. The 3 powers eventually saw what was happening so they decide to create The Sons of Destiny coalition. Now, take on your job as a leader to guide this coalition army into the final battle in Epic War 2.

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Use the mouse to play
There are 5 Million Health and lots of Experience points for all races, Mana will jump to max after half way on some upgrades. At the black screen, please allow some time for the game to load.

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