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Minions Monsters Madness

Minions Monsters Madness

Date added: 2017-04-26
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About Minions Monsters Madness

Minions Monsters Madness hacked unblocked is a kind of great Strategy game online where you have to defend your base from the attacks of the incoming hordes of enemies. To fight against them, you have to create your powerful squad of minions, then send them out into the battle so that they can help you fight off all nasty enemies. Don’t forget to use your strategies! They are very important and can be a key element that leads your squad to the victory. Have fun!


Build up your army and send them out by using the mouse only
Hack info: Use key 1 for infinite health, key 2 for unlimited mana, key 3 for more supplies, key 4 for unlimited money, key 5 for infinite gems, key 6 for gaining more fates and key 7 to finish the level.

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