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Date added: 2015-08-07
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About Tetris

Be ready to mess with colorful blocks! Tetris unblocked is a classic Strategy game including tons of levels! Blocks keep falling over and over, and your mission is to place them below. You are able to change the shape of the blocks to whatever you want and try to make the lines got vanished. Be careful while placing blocks, if you don’t put them skillfully, the game will come to an end soon. Don’t forget to make the big combos and get higher scores. Much fun with this game at!


Use the arrow keys to control the blocks, up arrow key to rotate right, key Z to rotate left
Press key X or up arrow key to rotate right, key Z to rotate left, key control and spacebar for hard drop
Tap key P to pause the game, key Q to quit, key M to mute the sound, key T for theme tune, key F for faster keys.

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